A local talk radio personality has returned to broadcasting for the week.

In what he calls a “market test,” Bryan Stone will offer the podcasts via the Soundcloud platform. The shows will be recorded at WAWL studios on the campus of Chattanooga State Community College and uploaded at 11 a.m. each day this week.

“This is just a market test this week to see what kind of response I get,” Stone said. “[I am] looking to heavily invest in the website and possibly do podcasts remotely once I build a portable studio.”

The future of the “Stone on Air” program was unclear following Stone’s release from WGOW on June 24.


Stone released a statement on his Facebook page about the dismissal:

“Stone on Air” debuted in January as a weekly live program on WGOW, featuring local music and discussions on all forms of entertainment and art. During the first run of shows, Stone welcomed artists such as Danimal Planet, Nick Lutsko, Strung Like a Horse, Ryan Oyer and more.

The first 21 episodes are archivedhere.

Stone pitched the concept of the show at The Company Lab’s Will This Float? competition in 2015, and it was met with positive reception. He recruited videographer Nathan Gayle as his co-host and brought on Tara Viland, manager of Granfalloon, to help with booking acts and planning.

Bryan Stone will host a daily podcast this week. (Screenshot: YouTube)

Stone has returned to broadcasting with the latest version of the podcast, released today. In this episode, Stone seeks to clear the air about his release and preview his next steps.

He is producing and directing each episode on his own.

“I am in the works to get the website singing and screaming a little bit better,” he said in the opening of the podcast. “The concept [originally] was to do a hybrid music/talk show; it wasn’t just to do a strictly local music show … It was a way to branch out and have a little fun, have a little creativity and focus on some cool stuff in town.”

This week’s first podcast can be heard here or below.

The other episodes will feature Dana Rogers (Tuesday), Ryan Oyer (Wednesday), Brokedown Hound (Thursday) and Nick Lutsko (Friday).