The last time I wrote about the hall bathroom remodel, we had hit a bit of a snag. Luckily, it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be fixed, so the bathroom project is now complete and doesn’t much resemble its former self.

Some of the previous fixtures were kept. The bathtub stayed in place, but got a new surround of white subway tile. The shower curtain is a classic black and white that was actually in the hall bathroom at our previous home.

The vanity is the same but got a fresh coat of paint (Artistic License by Behr), new hardware, a new white quartz countertop and new chrome faucet. The old mirror was replaced by a round black one, and new pendant lights were hung on either side of it as well.


The old, cracked tile floors were replaced with gray-toned rectangle tiles that should work well with any wall color changes in the future.

The walls got a fresh coat of a gray hue that works well with the purple on the bathroom vanity, and the towel and toilet paper holders were switched out for chrome ones that work better with the faucet. An extra pop of color was added in the bathroom with the addition of yellow hand towels.

A little art and décor in the form of a quote from “Alice in Wonderland”and a brass rocking horse were added above the toilet. My daughter primarily uses this bathroom, so I wanted to add a touch of whimsy in here for her.

All in all, I think this bathroom works well with the rest of our ’70s landing pad, while also sporting its own unique touches.

What do you think of the remodel?

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