Zeu$ Thu0119 Psychedelu00edu010d. (Photo: Contributed)

As one part of Chattanooga hip-hop duo Savages of Society (which includes Apollo The Gemini), Zeu$ The Psychedelíc helps build a complex and expansive hip-hop landscape where genres can come and go as they please and music isn’t bound by any set guidelines. Like his work with Savages of Society, his solo material is unpredictable and freeform in its production-he possesses a certain bravado and wisely uses it to cut through the false fears and experiences that often hold people back from seeing the truth of their surroundings. Whether alone or with Apollo, Zeu$ maintains a steady gaze and rhythmic direction that allow him to stay true to his musical perception of the world.

On his new song, “Clouds,” Zeu$ wanders through a gauzy collection of beats and rhythms that trace their lines through the air like smoke rising from a fire. His vocals are effortlessly stacked on top of themselves, exploring an atmosphere of charged melodies and dramatic resolutions. Words approach with the abandon of a runaway train, rocketing past in a blur of lucid lyrical revelation. There can often be a tendency to bring too many effects to bear on vocals, but Zeu$ deftly sidesteps this pitfall by allowing just the slightest electronic alteration to add an otherworldly echo to his voice. “Clouds” is the sound of a musician casually broadening their sonic palette, imparting a renewed spirit and aqueous movement in the service of expanding an already-accomplished sound.

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