Construction on a new Martin Luther King Boulevard brewery is moving quickly, and the owners have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and enhance the taproom environment.

Bryan Boyd and his son Jay are the owners of OddStory Brewing Co., and Bryan said that the funds raised via the Kickstarter campaign will help create a space that can foster conversation and comfort.


“We want people to visit our taproom and enjoy themselves, wanting to come back,” he said. “Have you ever enjoyed an experience and place so much that you want to return and you are not even sure why? That environment is what we are trying to create.”

The campaign has 13 days to go, and the team has raised almost half the needed money.

If all goes well withthe city mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire marshal inspections, the duo aims to open soon after Thanksgiving.

Architecture firm Cogent Studio created the design of the building, which had been vacant for about 20 years.Matt Sears ofHaskel Sears Design is also helping bring the interior to life with woodwork, among other features.

And Jay’s wife, Emily Boyd, is in charge of decorating the interior.

“I just really pay attention to space, and I know that a space can really make or break someone’s experience,” Emily said in the Kickstarter video.

Although there will be two televisions in the space, they will be covered and turned off much of the time, Bryan said.

They don’t want it to be a sports bar.

They want to foster relationships as they work to reinvigorate the MLK area.

Emily said they loved the idea of having a beer garden, but when they found their space, it didn’t have that as an option.

So they started looking at ways to bring in that open-air feel.

To accomplish that, the brewery will have three garage door-style windows that open toward MLK Boulevard and another that faces the side toward Foster Street.

There will be seating at a bar that faces the garage doors, two long tables in the center of the brewery and a couple of couches in the corner, in addition to traditional bar seating.

There will be two point-of-sale stations, one that is specifically for people who want to get a growler and go.

“We want it to be a part of the community,” Bryan said.

While there’s a major focus on community and a welcoming environment, Jay also aims to make a range of beers to please a variety of palates.

“What we feel we can contribute is a variety of different styles,” he said. “[There will be] three or four different yeast strands through the brewery … What you’re going to see is a whole bunch of different beers from super-complex IPAs to just a true, malty Vienna lager.”

The Kickstarter page details the floor plan and the building’s history, as well as provides more information about what the funds will be used for.

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