It was August when I last shared some music with you, when I offered somesongs I couldn’t stop listening to. I thought it would be fun to offer some more songs I’ve come across lately that I think you should hear.

Music is subjective. Some of us enjoy twangy country, mellow jazz or noise music. I’m more likely to enjoy listening to something if it’s personally recommended by someone I know. If my friend says, “Man, you HAVE to hear this song!” you can bet your butt I’m going to listen to that song.

So that’s what I’m doing here with the five songs below. I’ve also included a Spotify playlist of my ongoing favorite tracks of 2016. But this is also a two-way street. I encourage you to offer your suggestions for songs I should hear in the comments below, or on Twitter or Facebook.


I’m not even going to comment on them like I normally do. They are offered without context. Maybe you’ll understand why I like them, too.

Here’s that Spotify playlist:

And here are five songs I think you should hear right now:

Valerie June, “Astral Plane”

Anthony D’Amato, “Rain on a Strange Roof”

Martha Wainwright, “Around the Bend”

Donovan Woods, “On the Nights You Stay Home”

Miniature Tigers, “Crying in the Sunshine”

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