Sen. Bob Corker is slated to meet with Donald Trump today. (Photo: Contributed)

Sen. Bob Corker is set to meet with President-elect Donald Trump today, and some reports said the former Chattanooga mayor could still be in the mix to be chosen as secretary of state. 

A spokeswoman for Corker said she couldn’t comment further about the meeting. 

CNN reported that Trump is slated to meet with former Gen. David Petraeus and Mitt Romney, in addition to Corker, as he works to fill his Cabinet positions. 

According to USA Today: 

Corker’s office confirmed Monday the Tennessee Republican would meet with the president-elect in Trump Tower in New York City. No other details were provided.

Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has been advising Trump on foreign policy and is reportedly one of the candidates Trump is considering for secretary of state.

The senator said earlier this month he believes someone else is more likely to get the job-probably someone who was involved in Trump’s campaign.

Earlier this month, Sen. Lamar Alexander responded to reports about whether Sen. Bob Corker could get a Cabinet position in the Trump administration. 

“Bob Corker’s appointment, as either secretary of state or secretary of treasury, would be a home run for President-elect Trump and for this country,” he said. “Bob has broad respect in the financial community and among United States senators of both parties. I am a big supporter of Bob Corker for the Trump campaign.”   

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