Hot Yoga Plus is donating some of their class fees to Siskin Children’s Institute after leaders learned that one of their own teacher’s families was benefiting from the nonprofit.

Every quarter-year, Hot Yoga Plus changes the recipients of its community class fees, and leaders are always trying to find local charities that are near to the hearts of those who frequent the studio.

“We try to choose nonprofits that are important to our teachers and those who come to the studio to practice,” Susannah Herring, studio owner of Hot Yoga Plus, said. “We feel that’s what being part of a community is-supporting one another.”


This quarter, Siskin Children’s Institute was picked after one of the yoga teachers, Yekaterina Smith, brought the nonprofit to Herring’s attention.

Smith has been visiting the Siskin Children’s Institute for almost four years, after her youngest child was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. The institute provides therapy for her child and gives him a chance to spend the day with other children.

“To be a part of such a tremendous place is a life changer for us,” Smith said. “To see the donations go to them meant the world … It was a very emotional thing for us to hear.”

For the sessions that benefit Siskin, Hot Yoga Plus asks for donations of $8 per class, but takes anyone who can contribute.Other classes have a regular fee.

So far, Hot Yoga Plus has raised $200 for Siskin Children’s Institute.

Class fees will continue to go to Siskin Children’s Institute until the end of December. The average number of donations is anywhere from $400 to $600.For a list of classes, clickhere.

The Siskin Children’s Institute is a local nonprofit that works to make life easier for children and their families by providing preschool to children with and without disabilities, pediatric health care, guidance and consultation for parents, and community outreach.

The organization uses an endowment to pay for the administration, but needs donations to help the children who come in. All donations go toward assessment, intervention, education and therapy for children with special needs.

“[The donations] are very important, because every dollar we raise goes into serving the need for the children,” John Farimond, CEO of Siskin Children’s Institute, said. “We are humbled and proud to partner with Hot Yoga Plus.”

For more about Hot Yoga Plus, click here. For more about Siskin Children’s Institute, click here.

Alina Hunter-Grah is a contributing writer. She is also currently attending UTC, where she is the news editor for the school newspaper, The University Echo.

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