Tennessee is one of the top 25 best states for drivers, according to a new report from Bankrate.com.

“Transportation is the second-highest cost many households face, but that burden doesn’t fall equally across states,” Bankrate.com analyst Claes Bell said in a prepared statement. “Americans should take into account their costs for insurance,gasand other factors, as well as safetyconcerns,when considering their daily travel options.”

Bankrate analysts looked at a number of factors that impact drivers: commute time, annual insurance premiums, gas expenditures, cost of car repairs, cartheftsand auto fatalities.


Tennessee’s No. 22 spot is the result of lower insurance and repair costs.

Here’s how the numbers break down for Tennessee drivers:

  • Commute time: 24.8 minutes
  • Annual insurance costs: $780
  • Annual gas spending: $1,107
  • Average cost of a repair: $385
  • Number of car thefts per 100,000 people: 195
  • Number of car fatalities per 100 million miles driven: 1.3

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