Chattanooga city officials have released a smartphone app to help residents request city services, report issues and more.

Chatt311 is now available for Android and iOS devices. According to a release from the mayor’s office, the app “makes it easy to do a variety of things, from reporting fallen trees and traffic light issues to joining the city’s recycling program.”

Requests made through the app are automatically sent to the appropriate department, ensuring a quick response. Once downloaded, residents can click “Chatt311 request” to report issues in more than 15 categories.


Click here to download the app for Android and here to download the app for iOS.

In addition to reporting, users can also submit photos. Each submitted request can be tracked by the user through resolution.

The 311 line was established in 2003 as a way to field citizen requests to City Hall. The app will now allow users to request services and report issues in the following categories: flooding and water quality, housing, land development, zoning, litter, illegal dumping, parks, roadways and sidewalks, sewer and hazardous waste, traffic signs and signals, trees and landscaping, yard waste, trash and recycling, and graffiti removal.

The app will also offer direct links to The Public Library’s catalog and the city of Chattanooga open data portal. Users can also pay sewer fees, property taxes and parking citations via the app.

Another component allows users to submit complaints about hired city contractors, request a dead animal pickup and report a city driver operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner.