Leaders are taking applications for the city’s Emergency Services Minority Internship Program, which is a joint effort between police, fire and 911 authorities.

“Each of these agencies shares the goal ofproviding a gender-diverse and ethnically balanced workforce, because the most successful emergency service agencies are sensitive to gender, ethnicity, cultural diversity and sexual orientation,” according to a news release.

In an effort to recruit and retain “highly motivated” members of these groups, the Emergency Services Minority Internship Program provides part-time employment so each intern can get experience and comprehensive awareness of public safety professions, including police, fire and emergency communications.

Each intern will earn $15 per hour during a 20-hour workweek. The internship is a 12-week program, and 15 people will be chosen to work between the months of February and May.

Internswill be nonsworn and unarmed, and will not participate in any actual hands-on activities on police or fire scenes.

However, interns may participate in training exercises designed to simulate real-life scenarios.

The selection process includes a job application, comprehensive background check and interview. Leaders are accepting applications through Dec. 22.

To apply or get more information, contact Lt. Jim DePrimo with the Chattanooga Police Department at423-643-5264 or[email protected].

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