Social media has been abuzz with questions about whether beloved Martin Luther King Boulevard restaurant and barLamar’s is closed.

The family-owned and -operated restaurant is known for its unique atmosphere and wallpaper, fried chicken and other home-cooked food, and strong drinks.

The business’ owners couldn’t be reached for confirmation or comment, and the phone line has been disconnected.


Area residents have reported they’ve attempted to go to the restaurant-which has been in Chattanooga for decades-and each time it’s been closed.

There’s a sign on the door that says, “Back at 8 p.m.,” and that’s reportedly been there for weeks.

The restaurant was closed both Friday and Saturday nights after 8.The lights in the building and on the sign were out. There’s a tarp hung over the entrance inside the front door.

The county assessor’s office has no record of the business being sold, and owners are slightly behind on property taxes and taxes on the business’ equipment, but it’s not clear if that has anything to do with the apparent closure.

Owners are also behind by about $3,400 on 2015 county property taxes. They also owe city property taxes for 2015 and2016-about $3,100 and $2,680, respectively, city officials said.

City documents name Lamar Partridge as the owner, but county documents list Joseph Partridgeas owner.

JosephPartridge had been the longtime operator before he died in 2008.

Joseph’s son Gerald had been operating the business in recent years.