Chattanooga company Southtree has launched its Legacybox product in Canada.

“This is our first time expanding outside the U.S., so it’s an important first step,” co-founderNick Macco said via email.

Legacyboxis a mail-in service for customers to send in analog videotapes, film reels, pictures and other media to be professionally digitized onto DVD or thumbdrive, or saved in the cloud.


Southtree employees have been working to expand into Canada for a while, and the team vetted shipping partners to ensure “exceptional service,” Macco also said.

Southtree launched the product in December 2013, and “The View” featured it in March 2015.

“We [are] excited to be expanding into Canada,” he also said. “There are billions of home movies wasting away all over the world, and we’re proud to help families protect and relive these important items.”

Southtree grew by 40 percent last year and is on track for at least that much this year,Macco said.

And the expansion into Canada will help accelerate the company’s growth, he also said.

The team will still process everything at Chattanooga’s 40,000-square-foot Holtzclaw production facility, which benefits the local economy, Macco said.

Southtree currently has about 110 employees, and leaders are hiring production technicians and designers to join their creative team.