After recently warning area residents about skimming devices found at area gas station pumps, Chattanooga Police Department officials said they’ve caught two suspects “red-handed.”

The suspects were attaching the devices-which memorize account information and leave those who use the pumps open to identify theft-at a Mapco at Highway 153 and Gadd Road, according to a CPD news release.

The skimmers can be found on gas pumps and automated teller machines, and transmit information through Bluetooth technology.


Police said the suspects are part of a “multistate, highly organized crime” ring.

“Two suspects are in custody, along with more devices and two laptops that are pendingforensic examination,” according to a CPD statement. “The Secret Service is now involved as a result of the above.”

Last week, the CPD offered advice to help avoid becoming a victim:

-If an anti-tampering seal is broken, contact the store management immediately, and do not use the machine.

-Use debit cards as credit since credit cards do not require a PIN. This way, the citizen has more protection.

-Cover the buttons while entering in PIN numbers.

-Monitor account(s) daily online and report fraudulent activity to the bank immediately.

-Ask to pair geolocation software with your card. This feature tracks the location of both cards and phones.

-Make payments inside with the cashier.

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