Downtown’s Millennium Bank opened earlier this month after the company underwent a name change.

“The bank itself has been around since the late ’90s,”President Mike Haskew said. “It was originallyCommunity Trust&BankingCo. We changed the name about 10 months ago, but we’ve been in the community for some time.”

In addition to the new location, which sits amid the Chestnut Street revitalization, the bank also has locations in Ooltewah, Hixson and East Brainerd.


Haskew said the bank was doing a good job of serving the area, but-because of all the downtown investment-it made sense to have a presence near City Center.

“It makes sense for us to have a downtown presence,” he said. “We thought that’d be a good strategic move for long-term growth.”

The branches offer all the traditional banking services and offersPeet’s Coffee to customers. AndHaskew said the bank’s employees have a lot of experience in small business lending and lending for development for all types of projects.

“One of the advantages that’s very important is we are one of only two locally owned and operatedbanks in the city of Chattanooga,” he said.

That means the bank’s employees are familiar with specifics of the Chattanooga market, which can be beneficial to customers. Bankers have relationships with other businesspeople in the area and are more knowledgeable about the local atmosphere, he said.

Another aspect that makes the bank stand apart is the customer experience, he said.

“What people will see is a welcoming, warm, inviting atmosphere where we try to take the mystery out of the banking business,” he said.