Chattanooga’s Text Requesthas partnered with CustomViewbookto help students connect with college opportunities.

Instead of getting a bunch of college pamphlets or getting lost on a school’s website, students can use CustomViewbook to create individualized digital brochures on their phones with information about majors, academic life and other information they need in preparing for college.

Text Request lets consumers and businesses engage each other in real-time, two-way text conversations. CustomViewbook, a product of Antech Systems Inc., provides digital solutions that drive higher education admissions and recruitment goals.It connects prospective students with information about college the way that younger generations want it-via smartphone.


Through the partnership with Text Request, the students can get their digital brochures and communicate with academic advisers via text.

“We did a lot of research and there’ve been a lot of studies on this-the preferred channels of this generation are mobile and text,”Mary Pannullo with CustomViewbook said. “With Text Request, we are taking that mobile advantage and taking it even further.”

In addition to giving the power to students and allowing them to get the information when and how they want it, the engagement also provides value to college recruiters because it gives them a direct line to “high-quality leads,” she also said.

Text Request CEO Brian Elrod said he and his team are thrilled to work with their new partner.

Mobile is only going to continue to grow, he also said.

“The move to mobile isn’t a fad,” he said. “It’s a trend that will continue to shift the foundation of the professional world. People are mobile-first. Texting is native to mobile, and it’s the most preferred form of communication in the world. Those who adapt will excel. Those who don’t will fall behind.”

Since launching in 2015, Text Request has evolved to meet market demands, and in May, the company expanded its services into Canada.