After posting a dress code online last week that many peoplethought was extreme, Southside Social management said they will only enforce the rules they’ve had posted since opening.

“Last week, we may have been overzealous in redefining our dress code,” general manager Rick Dillard said via Facebook.

The business’ leaders implemented the code partly because they think gang members have frequented the establishment. The post has now been removed.


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Some Facebook commenters said the rules sounded racially insensitive or were too restrictive.

“Even ifSouthside Socialdidn’t intend it this way, this policy is still effectively racist or at least discriminatory against a lot of different subcultures,” one commenter said.

Councilman Chris Anderson called the dress code a “thinly veiled attempt to excludeminorities.”

But other people defended Southside Social, even after leaders said they would go back to the more relaxed requirements, and said they appreciated the leadership’s effort to keep it safe.

“Who cares if you don’t want to let the thugs in?” another commenter said after the most recent update. “The ones that were crying about the dress code are the ones you don’t want in your bar to [begin] with … The bottom line is, if you don’t like the dress code, don’t go.”