Comcast will offer gigabit internet to residential and business customers in Chattanooga this year, officials announced Monday.

“Over the last two years in Chattanooga, Comcast has deployed an advanced 10-gigabit network to businesses, launched a 2-gigabit residential internet service and added to our over 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the marketplace,” Comcast Regional Senior Vice President Doug Guthrie said in a prepared statement. “Today’s announcement delivers a 1-gigabit internet service to Chattanooga’s residential and business community using some of the latest, most advanced technology available.”

Comcast initially announced plans to roll out the 1-gig services in 2015. Click here for more background.


The company will deliver the speeds with Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications, DOCSIS 3.1, as opposed to through fiber optic infrastructure, which EPB uses for its gig services.

DOCSIS 3.1 technologyuses the existing wiring that most people already have in their homes and offices.

The new offering has the potential to reach more customers and allows for broad deployment across communities, according to a news release.

To get the service, customers will need to install a DOCSIS 3.1-compatible cable modem that is capable of delivering gigabit speeds.

Comcast is currently selling DOCSIS 3.1 residential and business services in Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago and Detroit.

Comcast has also been under fire for lobbying against legislation that would allow EPB to provide internet services outside its network.

In related news,Gov. Bill Haslam recently announced legislation that would increase broadband internet access to Tennessee’s underserved citizens. Click here for more about that.