Hamilton County School System’s Supervisor of Transportation Benjamin Coulter is leaving his position to work full time in information technology for the system.

“Current Transportation Supervisor Ben Coulter has been splitting his time between information technology and transportation, since that was how the position was set up when he applied and interviewed for it,” school system spokeswoman Amy Katcher said via email. “A full-time job recently opened in IT. Mr. Coulter applied, interviewed and was chosen for the position.”

A class-action lawsuitrelated to the Nov. 21 Woodmore Elementary School bus crash names Coulter, among others, and alleges both the school system and contractor Durham School Services mismanaged the buses to save money and/or profit.


Coulter received complaints before the crash about the driver,Johnthony Walker.

“His decision wasn’t only because of the Woodmore incident, and it had nothing to do with him being named in lawsuits,” Katcher said via email.

She also said that administrators are in the process of interviewing for a full-time transportation supervisor, who is needed because of the addition of 20 new bus owner-operators.