On Wednesday, mayoral candidate David Crockett explained his tardiness in filing two campaign financial disclosure reports.

For the city’s municipal election, candidates were required to file reports Jan. 31 and Feb. 28 of this year.

Crockett hadn’t done so and said it was partly because his team was working to collect monetary commitments and that he wanted to make the best showing possible.


At the news conference, he said that he raised almost $13,000 between July and February, and said that’s half the fundraising commitments his campaign has received.

Crockett said he’s not a master at personal fundraising and that the political climate is also different from any the former city councilman has ever seen. He said some traditional donors are reluctant to give to opponents of Mayor Andy Berke for fear of retaliation from the mayor.

Berke’s campaign declined to comment about Crockett’s statement.

Fundraising breakdown
For the March 7 election, candidates had to report campaign financial activity between July 1 and Jan. 15. Those reports were due Jan. 31.

For this period, the total contributions received for each candidate were:

  • Andy Berke: $248,250
  • Larry Grohn: $23,947
  • Chris Long: $4,720

Candidates also had to report activity between Jan. 16 and Feb. 25. Those reports were due Feb. 28.

For this period, the total contributionsreceivedfor each candidate were:

  • Andy Berke: $86,091
  • Larry Grohn: $18,298
  • Chris Long: $2,700

Crockett filed a report March 1 that covers both reporting periods.

His total contributions received were$12,960.