“Since 708” compilation.

Recently, rapper-producer Swayyvo got a bit nostalgic and pulled together a release highlighting various talents around the city. Called “Since 708” (and hosted by Jabo 2 Crunk and Killin’ Tha Streetz), this collection was named after a house in Brainerd where Swayyvo and his fellow artists could record and perform in an atmosphere conducive to a creative spirit. No single song here is a solo offering; each track bears the mark of both Swayyvo and another musician who found solace and community at 708.


Swayyvo said about the project:

Every artist on this project really came through quick and effective with verses and added so much flavor. It helps when people around you can see your vision and want to see it through as bad as you do. And this thirst for connectivity, both with one another and with their audiences, shines through in the voices and sounds that thread themselves throughout “Since 708.” I really had fun doing these songs and started writing the first thing that came to mind when I heard the beats-I really wanted it to sound like a mixtape.

Buoyed by a restless energy and unbridled originality, these tracks feature T Rizer, AD Dinero, J-Lyrikz, Spade Kosta, Cuatro Cinco, Cinematic Tha Nganeer, K$NG, Charlie Woods and Phil McClain-all musicians who create according to their own experiences and unique skills. Pouring over with dense beats, lithe vocal work and commanding arrangements, these songs quickly burrow into your brain and settle in for a very long time. A testament to the diversity and amazing abilities of artists in Chattanooga, “Since 708” reveals the deep connections that lay just beneath the surface of the city.

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