TheChatt Comix Co-Opis now offering a mixtape featuring 13 short comics, each inspired by a different song.

The music referenced in the anthology ranges from artists such as Black Sabbath and REM to Wesley Willis and Waxwing. It is the work of 15 local artists, so the style varies throughout the book.

Copies are available for $5, and all proceeds go toward continuing the creative endeavors of the co-op, a nonprofit organization.


They can be purchased at Infinity Fluxin Hixson.

Clickherefor more information.

Meagan Frey, guiding officer of the club,said the co-op only has a few guidelines for submissions on purpose. She said she doesn’t want there to be many barriers for people to get published.

The co-op’s next anthology, “First Times,” will be released in ­­­April and will focus on different writers’ and artists’ first times experiencing something. Entries vary from the first time someone was exposed to death to the first time two people met.

Over the past year, the collective has created three anthologies and is working on three more. The group consists of professional and novice writers and artists.

The co-op is free to join.

They are always accepting new members, and they meet the first and third Thursday of every month at Infinity Flux.

Members range from teenagers to adults in their 40s and 50s, and the co-op welcomes new members of any age and experience. Frey said the group is half women and half men.

Meetings begin with a prompt that allows members to be creative, have fun and bounce ideas off each other. They then have a presentation from a professional, followed bytime for writers and artists to discuss their ideas and receive help from one another.

“It’s really difficult to be creative in this world … You don’t make money off of it for a while, if you ever do,” Frey said. “It can be really difficult to start if there’s not a support system. I think that’s what the co-op does. We support each other.”

The co-op is also working on a superhero anthology, an originalcollection of originalsuperhero comics.

Ashley Day is a contributing writer She is also a student at UTC, where she serves as opinion editor for The University Echo.