The Week in Film is a column dedicated to bringing awareness to award-winning films, special movie screenings, rereleases, limited-distribution runs and avant cinema that should be seen in theaters to be properly appreciated.

Beauty and the Beast
If you came of age in the early ’90s, Disney’s animated version of “Beauty and the Beast” is probably irrevocably etched in your brain. It’s safe to say that there really wasn’t anywhere you could turn in 1991 where there wasn’t some reminder of the monolithic success of this film. And so, when Disney began reliving their past through live-action remakes, there was little doubt that they’d eventually set their sights on this movie. Some early reviews compare it favorably to the original while also mentioning that it doesn’t quite live up to the hype. But it goes without saying that most of us are going to see it-I just hope that they can capture some of that vintage Disney creativity.

When: Thursday-Sunday, March 16-19
Where: Carmike Wynnsong 10, Regal Hamilton Place 8, Carmike Battlefield 10, Carmike East Ridge 18 + IMAX, Carmike Majestic 12, Carmike Northgate 14, Cleveland UEC Theatres 14
Rating: PG


La La Land” singalong
Oscar-winning film “La La Land” has been lauded for both its performances and the wonderful musical sections that pepper its runtime, and for those who hold a special affinity for these songs, there is now a singalong version that displays the words to all the songs as they appear throughout the film. Instead of just sitting idly by and enjoying the film (which will happen, by the way-it’s remarkable), you’ll be able to belt out each line with the confidence of Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone. If you’ve not seen the film, this shouldn’t be your first experience, but if you’re looking to revisit one of the best films of last year, grab a seat and get ready to sing.

When: Monday-Wednesday, March 13-15
Where: Carmike East Ridge 18 + IMAX, Carmike Majestic 12, Carmike Northgate 14, Cleveland UEC Theatres 14
Rating: PG-13

Bolshoi Ballet: A Contemporary Evening
Acting as a sort of variety show for the Bolshoi Ballet, “A Contemporary Evening” finds the famed dance troupe working through a few productions. With a selection that features Harald Lander’s “Études,” Jerome Robbins’ “The Cage” and Alexei Ratmansky’s “Russian Seasons,” the dancers and choreographers are set to explore a vast array of styles and movements. If you’ve ever been curious as to the diversity that ballet can offer, this is your chance to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of one of the greatest purveyors of balletic art in the world. Pairing some of the absolute best dancers in the world with some of the most creative directors working within the dance medium, this evening of ballet promises to explore some truly unforgettable routines and musical arrangements.

When: Sunday, March 19
Where: Regal Hamilton Place 8, Carmike East Ridge 18 + IMAX
Rating: Not rated

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