Burly Temple

Musician Alex Volz has proven himself adept at creating incisive children’s songs as well as humorous songs aimed at a decidedly more mature audience. With each new release, he further cements his position as one of the most versatile artists working in Chattanooga. There’s both a na├»ve and knowledgeable approach to the topics within each song, and through a particularly memorable blend of intelligent wordplay and a darkly clever wit, he fashions a sound that appeals to chorus-addled brains and those looking for a bit more depth to their musical fare.

Under the alter ego of Burly Temple, Volz finds a home for his adult work, the kind of songs that you would generally keep far away from children. It’s under this moniker that he finds recent inspiration in the form of “Use Your Illusion III,”a collection of tracks that’ll tickle your funny bone while revealing the inspired creativity that goes into all his work. He recently released a video for album cut “The Adventures of Party-Bot,” although he’s given it an alternate title of “18 Easy Ways YOU Can Save the Future of Humanity.”

Built from a series of individual drawings that highlight ways we can alter our futures and the future of the world around us, the song is a brilliantly satirical and profoundly clever way to alter our differing perspectives. The track is constructed from robot voices, ringing percussion, subtle guitar lines and bouts of whistling that’ll have you dancing in no time. It’s something of a miracle that Volz can infuse both sides of his music (the childlike and the mature) with the same sense of complexity without losing what makes his work so utterly compelling in the first place. At this point, I couldn’t care less if he tackles mature subject matter or something slightly more innocent, I just want more music-and after hearing his latest record, I’m guessing most people will feel the same way.


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