This kitchen has been 90 percent done for the past few months, but I just kept putting off all the little things. However, at the beginning of the year, I gave myself a timeline to get the kitchen finished. Here’s the before and after:

The space was a good size to begin with, so we didn’t need more room. However, the wallpaper, weird lights above the cabinets, old hardware and more did need to go.

We kept the original cabinets, but did remove a few. I painted them for the time being. At some point, I do want to get new doors and drawers made for them. All the cabinetry got new knobs and hinges. To carry the brass through the kitchen, we also used a faucet in a brass finish.


We carried the same flooring that we used in the adjoining living and dining room into the kitchen. I went with a classic black subway tile for the backsplash, but in a herringbone pattern. To balance out all the black on the cabinetry, backsplash and island, we had crown molding installed that I painted black, and also hung black chair rail and wall moldings on the wall opposite the cabinetry. We opted for quartz countertops in Brown Fantasy.

The island was an addition. It actually used to serve as my craft cabinet at our old house. The barstools were a vintage find at a resale store.

At the far end of the kitchen, we removed the old trash compactor and stovetop. We replaced the compactor with open shelving and the stovetop with a double oven. We also replaced the hood.

I took out the tall, skinny cabinets that were across from the range and moved my buffet into that location. It serves as my coffee station and holds a few other knickknacks.

Finally, we replaced the desk and bookshelf area with banquette seating-and pictures of country greats.

What do you think of the new black and white look? See more of the kitchen remodel here.

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