Christy’s Sports Bar received a 30-day beer license suspension from the Chattanooga Beer and Wrecker Board for sexual acts performed on the premises.

A video of the performance was posted to Facebook Feb. 5, and the comments led police to Christy’s, Chattanooga police officer John Collins said.

One of the women in the video was completely nude except for an Atlanta Falcons baseball cap, and the other woman wore only a bra, according to a stipulation of facts report handed out at the Thursday morning meeting.

Also according to the report, the genitals of both women were clearly exposed to the patrons of the bar during the sexual performance.


“We have an issue based on the morality of our city here,” board member Andre Harriman said. “It’s been all over the place on social media.”

Patrons of the bar threw money at the women and participated by touching one of the women. The performance lasted at least 20 minutes while patrons took photos and videos of it,according to the report.

Christy’s Sports Bar owner James McAdoo agreed to everything listed on the stipulation of facts, with the exception of the length of the performance. McAdoo said he was outside the bar as it was occurring, but was not outside longer than 10 to 12 minutes.

“I was outside cooking when the waitress came and got me,” McAdoo said. “I stopped them and kicked them out of the club.This was something I’d never seen in there before.”

Christy’s Sports Bar, located at 3460 Brainerd Road, is prohibited from serving beer for 30 days, beginning March 23.

Other news from the beer board meeting
Mehul Shah of Paradise Petroleum LLC applied for ownership change of six beer licenses. The ownership change is for six Chattanooga-area Circle K locations to become Kangaroo Expresses. Only one change was approved, for the 6960 Lee Highway location. The other five were not approved because of failed building and fire inspections.

Tiffany Rose Cox of The Palace Picture House LLC applied for a beer license to serve beer at a new independent theater opening on Georgia Avenue. The license was not approved because of missing information on the application. Cox is set to appear before the board again April 20.

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