TENTS. (Photo: Anna Breit)

With TENTS, what started as a home recording project soon blossomed into the roar of a full band, and it was guided by the shifting perspectives of Vienna musiciansClemens Posch, Lucas Kulterer and Paul Stöttinger-who found themselves bound together by a shared love of influences. Their nimble rock, pop and punk fascinations led to a heady amalgam of incendiary sounds that worked as both homage and a deliberate excavation of their numerous musical histories. They released “Under My Wings,” their debut mini-LP, back in November and have been steadily refining their distinct rhythmic mechanics in the interim.

For the video to the title track from their latest release, “Under My Wings,” the band wanders through what appears to be an incredibly extensive skating rink in their native Austria. Led by glowing lights under the ice and their own astringent post-punk guitar rhythms, the band moves parallel with the song’s lithe indie rock inclinations. A propulsive (and clearly ’80s-inspired) beat moves the track forward, aided by vocals that owe considerable influence to the dark pop musings of bands like The Cure and Ultravox.

Built around an oddly repetitive melody and guitars that seem to be coming apart at the seams, “Under My Wings” channels the verve and grit of X and Gun Club without losing the band’s internal uniqueness. Their ability to harness the power of these musical ancestors while still holding on to the defining characteristics of their own muses gives the band leeway to extrapolate the power contained within these sounds. Despite its deep roots, the foundation of this track is relatively simple; there’s no clutter or haze surrounding the band-it’s all raw emotion and transparent punk resolution.


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