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The Belko Experiment
“The Belko Experiment” is drawn from the imaginations of director Greg McLean (“Wolf Creek”) and writer James Gunn (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), and follows the day of a group of 80 Americans working for a nonprofit company in Bogota, Columbia. Mixing elements of “Battle Royale” and “The Office,” this film tells the savage and rather gory story of what happens when civility is brushed aside and a particularly vicious survival instinct takes over. The men and woman are pitted against one another by voices being piped in through the PA system and are given instructions to murder their fellow workers, lest they be murdered themselves. McLean and Gunn give us traditional character archetypes so that we can use them as analogs from our experiences in the workplace-the result is that we have a heightened sense of reality as these individuals are mercilessly killed for mysterious reasons. It jolts, disgusts and possesses a subversive wit, resulting in a film that supplies horror and social commentary in equal measure.

When: Monday-Friday, March 20-24
Where: Carmike East Ridge 18 + IMAX, Carmike Majestic 12, Carmike Northgate 14, Cleveland UEC Theatres 14
Rating: R


With music written by Mozart and lyrics penned by Giambattista Varesco, “Idomeneo” is an Italian-language opera seria that chronicles war, love and the retribution of the gods in ancient Greece. With production by Jean-Pierre Ponnelle, the Metropolitan Opera’s production of this timeless tale stars Matthew Polenzani in the title role, Elza van den Heever as Elettra, Nadine Sierra as Ilia, Alice Coote as Idamante and Alan Opie as Arbace. This live performance will feature interviews with cast and crew during the opera’s intermission, giving a behind-the-scenes look into the difficulties and requirements of staging a production with a scale like this one.

When: Saturday, March 25
Where: Carmike East Ridge 18 + IMAX, Regal Hamilton Place 8
Rating: Not rated

Directed by Kishore Kumar Pardasani and starring Pawan Kalyan and Shruti Haasan, “Katamarayudu” is a Telugu-language remake of the Tamil film “Veeram,” which follows the exploits of a violent man struggling against his inner demons and finding himself put into a situation where love and family come into the crosshairs of some truly vile individuals. He must decide between embracing love or anger while coping with the desperate circumstances of his life. “Katamarayudu” creates a scaled emotional gray area where action and immediate consequence are highlighted by introspective performances and bursts of intense violence.

When: Thursday-Saturday, March 23-25
Where: Regal Hamilton Place 8
Rating: Not rated

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