After launching a transportation initiative last year that allows Chattanoogans to rent electric vehicles, officials announced Tuesday that three EPB-branded cars will be offered at a reduced rate.

That’s made possible through a new partnership with Green Commuter Chattanooga and EPB.

EPB’s branded cars will be available for $4 per hour or $32 a day. Green Commuter’s rates for nonbranded cars are $7 per hour or $45 a day. Green Commuter, EPB, TVA and CARTA unveiled the new cars Tuesday at a TVA solar-powered electric car charging station in Coolidge Park.


EPB is branding the cars with an initiative called Driving Change, which is focused on reducing carbon emissions and providing solar-powered charging stations through a partnership with Green Commuter and TVA.

“From an environmental perspective, these green cars [and] the power that goes into them produce one-third the carbon emissions that a conventional vehicle would produce,” J. Ed. Marston, EPB vice president of marketing,said.

TVA power management engineer Drew Frye said there are more than 50 charging sites in Chattanooga, with 80 kilowatts of solar power dispersed across a few of those sites.

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Eric Wise is a contributing writer. He is currently attending UTC, where he is a staff writer for the school newspaper, The University Echo. He also serves as the alumni relations chairman for his fraternity.