Swayyvo. (Photo: AD Dinero)

Over the past few years, there’s been a sea of voices rising up from the streets and hills of Chattanooga, a series of rock, jazz, folk and hip-hop identities. Those who catch the attention of the city’s music-minded citizens are quickly brought into the light and given the acclaim that they so rightly deserve. Among these is musician-producer Swayyvo, an artist whose work knows no limits and who finds inspiration across a large expanse of musical influences.

Recently, Swayyvo teamed up with AD Dinero to create a video for his song “Chosen.” A bit of jazz-inflected rap bluster that positions him as one of the most affecting voices to come from Chattanooga, this track rumbles with his signature sax lines and lyrical acrobatics-it’s a runaway train that carries with it the weight of his inspirations and the innovation called for when combing through the hip-hop scene in the city. There’s a complexity to its structure that feels intricate without being overly busy. Produced by Relta, it possesses a wonderful balance of momentum and rhythmic reticence.

The video is composed of drone shots of Swayyvo performing across the city as familiar landmarks dot the background. From rooftops to parties, he presents himself as a voice at home anywhere there is an audience. His hip-hop instincts are particularly sharp, with his lyrics and arrangements built to highlight the intuitive way they interact and rebound off one another. The video highlights the communal aspect of his music and portrays Swayyvo as someone who sees the lifeblood of Chattanooga as being its innate musical resonance.


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