Fresh off a performance at the Chattanooga Film Festival, the world-famous Acro-Cats will return to Chattanooga for three performances in late April.

The Acro-Cats will perform with the Rock Cats-an all-feline rock band-at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre April 28-30.

Tickets are on sale now, including a rare meet-and-greet with performers. General admission is $23, and student tickets are $21. The VIP meet-and-greet is $38 per person.


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The Acro-Cats are former fosters and rescues that have become superstars.

Guests will be treated to an hourlong show. A cast of felines will roll barrels, jump through hoops, walk on high wires and other “amazing things.” The group appeared on “Late Night With Steven Colbert” in 2015. Watch their performance below.

The Rock Cats perform original music on piano, drums, guitar, cowbell and trumpet.

Samantha Martin is founder, trainer and “chief executive human” for both the Acro-Cats and Rock Cats. She uses positive reinforcement clicker training, which helps her bond with the rescues and stray cats she has in the troupe.

During the show, Martin will educate attendees about how to train their own cats.

“Cats get in trouble because they are bored,” she said. “I think a lot of people underestimate cats. They aren’t even aware you can train them and the positive benefits of doing so.”

Since 2009, Martin has found homes for 196 cats and kittens through her fostering program. Now based out of Georgia, she is seeking more film and production work for her trained cats.

The cats in both the Acro-Cats and Rock Cats are special. Not every cat can become a member, according to Martin.

“Every cat has different skill sets and motivation levels,” she said. “Some cats are more confident than others. The troublemakers are sometimes the easiest to train. You just have to watch each cat and see what their interests are.”

Of course, cats are notoriously independent by nature. But Martin said that just makes for interesting shows.

“If they feel like doing the trick, they’ll do it, but it’s all up to the cats,” she said. “They definitely have freewill. Everything we do is positive reinforcement, and they’re all my house pets.”

Volunteers are needed for the weekend of shows. Tasks include crafting, cleaning and general crowd interaction. Click here for more information.

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