After two years of hosting business-focused radio show “Start It Up” on WUTC, Monty Bruellended that project and is starting a new podcast called “Studio Next.”

The new podcast, which will be available via iTunes, will focus on innovation and willbe different from “Start It Up” in a couple of ways,Bruell said.

“‘Studio Next’ will feature guests from around the world,” he said via email. “Wherever innovators are creating the next big idea, we will seek them out.”


The podcast will also be about more than business. It will highlight the arts, philanthropy, science, food and beyond.

“‘Studio Next’ will be able to dig deep into subjects,” he said. “By not being boxed into a 30-minute radio slot, we will be able to take listeners wherever our conversations lead us.”

The podcast’s first guest will be Santosh Sankar, who is the director of logistics-focused accelerator Dynamo.

“Dynamo’s fledgling companies are changing the very meaning of ‘supply chain,'” he said.

The episodes will come out the 1st and 15th of each month, for a total of 24 episodes a year.

Bruellwill produce the shows at the new audio studio at The Public Library.

Most of the guests will be interviewed remotely and won’t be in the studio, he said.

“We are relying initially on strategic partners like the Innovation District, US Ignite, etc., to suggest prospective guests,” he also said.