Bike Chattanooga introduced a new bike model into the local bike share system, and they are now available to the public.

“As part of our station expansion in September, we had some money to invest in new bike designs,” said Ben Taylor, assistant transportation engineer for the Chattanooga Department of Transportation.

The new Fit model has the same ergonomics as the current Iconic model, yet lighter components such as a smaller frame, thinner hand grips and 24-inch wheels, according to a news release.


The Fit works at any of Bike Chattanooga’s 37 docking stations.

Currently, there are only four Fit bikes across the city, but Taylor said that more could be ordered if they are well-received by users. He said that these bikes are being tracked, allowing Bike Chattanooga to see how often and how long the bikes are checked out for.

“If we see people gravitating toward the [Fit bikes], then we can order more for the next expansion,” Taylor said.

He said that Bike Chattanooga is currently talking with business owners and developers to find sponsorship for another bike station expansion. When that happens, they will look at what bikes to order based on the data.

Bike Chattanooga is inviting the public to find and ride the new model for a chance to win various bicycle themed prizes.

The first 20 people to take a Fit for a spin will be entered to win one of four prize packages, and one lucky rider will be awarded a Bike Chattanooga annual membership.

Riders are encouraged to post photos to Bike Chattanooga’s Twitter and Facebookusing the hashtag #FITbikeCHA.

Thanks to a grant from the Lyndhurst Foundation, Bike Chattanooga is among the first systems in the U.S. to add the Fit model to their existing fleet of bikes.

Riders can purchase a 24-hour pass ($8) or a three-day pass ($15) at any of the 37 station kiosks or by using the Chattanooga Bikes app. Additionally, Bike Chattanooga offers a $50 annual subscription on its website.

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