The Public Education Foundation and Southeast Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub are looking for teachers to apply to be STEM Teaching Fellows.

The program is open to K-12 public school educators from Southeast Tennessee, North Georgia and North Alabama, according to a news release.

The fellowship provides teachers with unique opportunities to develop innovative instructional practices while engaging with area business partners to experience STEM careers in person, according to the news release. In addition to actively participating in project-based learning and tech-integration professional development, STEM Teaching Fellows develop as teacher leaders.


“Past STEM Teaching Fellows now shine as beacons in their schools and community,” PEF Director of Innovative Learning Michael Stone said in a prepared statement. “STEM Fellows not only serve as instructional leaders, embracing innovative best practices in the classroom, but they also serve as teacher leaders who are skilled liaisons throughout the entire STEM ecosystem.”

Since the program’s 2012 implementation, 137 educators from 69 schools and 16 school districts have become leaders in their schools and districts, according to the news release.

Click here to apply. The deadline is May 17.

For more information about the program, click here.