The Chattanooga Beer and Wrecker Board handed down punishments to two area bars-Mike’s Hole in the Wall and Glass Street Lounge-Thursday.

Mike’s Hole in the Wall received a letter of reprimand after officers conducted a compliance check and found that a bartender had been drinking before her shift.

The board decided against a suspension, citing a lackof evidence that any employee was actually under the influence, because there was no sobriety test given.


Glass Street Lounge got a 12-day suspension for failure to report a disorder/fight and a concurrent 12-day suspension for having illegalgambling devices on the premises.

Officer John Collins said the Chattanooga Police Department received information about a fight that occurred at the establishment after one of the involved parties showed upat the hospital with several lacerations and a punctured lung.

Collins said the incident had not been reported to the CPD.

Glass Street Lounge owner Tyrone Brumfield said a verbal altercation occurred at the bar and that the victim shouted she was going to call the police. Believing that she had, he said he did not feel the need to contact the CPD.

“We hadn’t heard from the police that night,” Brumfield said. “When I came in the next day, I called and spoke with the police.”

Regarding the other violation, Collins assisted CPD’s vice unit in executing a search warrant that led to the discovery of illegal gambling devices andlottery ticket stubs.


At the May 4 beer board meeting, Alan Golds received a 14-day suspension for the same violation as Glass Street Lounge.

That suspension is now being appealed in the Hamilton County Chancery Court.

Brumfield said what they found is not part of an ongoing gambling operation at his establishment.

One board member, Andre Herriman, was against the concurrent suspension. He said there should be two separate suspensions for the two unrelated violations.

“We are here to represent our constituents, not the violators,” he said. “If you want to represent to the violators, then stand at the podium and defend them.”

Glass Street Lounge will start its suspension May 25.

Other news from the beer board
The Palace Picture House was approved to serve beer at the independent theater. Owner Chris Dortch said that there will be a two-beer limitper person, per movie.

The board approved a beer license for a new restaurant called Basecamp on FrazierAvenue. The owners areJacob Mundy and Tyler Allen.

Brad Lee, co-owner of Barley, applied for a license to serve beer at the soon-to-open taproom on the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Houston Street. The license was approved. To read about Barley, click here.

Melissa Smith, owner of Sweet Melissa’s Billiards, applied for a license to serve beer at her new billiards bar and restaurant in Hixson. The license was approved.

Sheila Agnew of Mac’s Convenience Stores applied for the change of ownership for four Circle K beer licenses in the Chattanooga area. The beer board approved 13 other licenses at the May 4 meeting. The four applications presented today had not been approved because of the need for building inspections. These buildings have now passed inspection, and the licenses were approved.

Jason Owenby, co-owner of Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint, applied for a license to serve beer at the soon-to-open restaurant in the Tomorrow Building on Georgia Avenue. The license was approved. Jack Brown’s is two doors down from The Palace Picture House. To read more about Jack Brown’s and the Tomorrow Building, click here.

Jianeshkumar Shah of United Food & Gas applied for the ownership change of two licenses for two convenience stores on Shallowford Road. The applications were approved.

John Wise, owner of Sip Coffee + Kitchen, applied for a beer license to serve beer at the soon-to-open restaurant and coffee shop on the North Shore. The license was approved.

The Chattanooga Beer and Wrecker Board, which meets biweekly, has the power to issue beer licenses and permits and to revoke or suspend beer licenses.

Eric Wise is a contributing writer. He is currently attending UTC, where he is a staff writer for the school newspaper, The University Echo. He also serves as the alumni relations chairman for his fraternity.