A Chattanooga developer has launched a website that aims to identify new developments around the city.

“This project was born purely from my own nosiness,”Ashton Lance said via email. “What better way to figure something out than to get a group of people together and have everyone share their knowledge?”


So Lance recently launched the site Chattanosy.com, acommunity-powered database of new businesses and projects in Chattanooga.

The site is the result of him constantly wondering about all the new construction he sees around town, he said.

Anyone can post a new project and list details if they know them. If they don’t know what the project is, others can reply and comment with information.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there were 32 listings on the site.

Lance posted many of them himself, but Reddit users have also started posting and replying, he said.

He doesn’t have plans to monetize the site and isn’t a fan of ads, he said. But he does have plans for upgrades.

“The site is still being actively developed, so users can expect lots of new features rolling out in the future,” he said. “Users can also use the GPS on their mobile device to post a new project if they don’t know the address of where they are.”