I feel like kids’ birthday parties have gone to a whole new level between the time I was a kid and now. Some of those birthday parties you see on Pinterest are just so elaborate! There’s no telling how much time and money went into just putting the decorations together.

Around here, we love a good unique birthday party, but we also like it to stay in budget and not have to start prepping for it months before it’s actually set to happen. I’ve created lots of DIY party decorations for my daughter’s parties over the past few years (you can see them all here), and this customized party banner I made using PicMonkey is the latest of those decorations. It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to create on PicMonkey and roughly 30 minutes total to print it out, string it together and hang it.

You’ll need:

  • Access to the internet
  • Scissors
  • X-Acto knife
  • Ribbon or string to string the banner onto and hang it with (we went with a goldtwisted cord to mimic Wonder Woman’s golden Lasso of Truth, as it was a Wonder Woman-themed party)
  • Thumbtacks or pushpins

Step one
Watch the video below to learn how to make the banner using PicMonkey. While my banner is very superhero-themed, you can customize the banner however you want to once you have the basic shape of the banner made. You can switch up the colors, change out backgrounds, add other images, etc.

One thing to note about the tutorial is that some of the fonts and features I used for this banner are premium features of PicMonkey. If you aren’t a PicMonkey premium member, you can certainly switch out those premium features with nonpremium ones.

Step two
At this point, you need to print off each banner file. You can print them at home if you wish, but it will take a lot of color ink, so I prefer to upload them to a place like Staples Print and Copy Center, place the order and pick them up in store. Either way, I suggest printing these out on a heavy 8.5-inch-by-11-inch cardstock so they lay nice and flat against the wall or a backdrop, if you make one of those.

Be sure to also print multiples of any letters you need more than one of.

Step three
After the sheets are printed, cut out around the shapes, as noted in the tutorial video.

Step four
After cutting out the shapes, cut a small slit in each upper corner of each bunting shape using an X-Acto knife. Weave your string or ribbon through the shapes to connect them together, and hang the banner on the wall with thumbtacks or pushpins.

You can find the tutorial for how to make a party backdroplike the one show in the photos here(it can cost as little as $3!) and find more DIY party decorations here. If you want more PicMonkey project ideas, check out this list.

Do you have any favorite things to make using PicMonkey?

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