Things are in full swing at the farmhouse. Nearly every room is painted, the bathroom is in the middle of a remodel, and I’m plotting out the details of each room’s design. Overall, the house will have a more traditional design aesthetic, but with a bit of a casual feel. The design plan for the master bedroom is no different. This is the before of the master bedroom:

The hardwood floors are staying, but the walls were in desperate need of a new paint job, and a new light fixture wouldn’t hurt, either. We’re pulling lots of things that we’ve had in storage and hand-me-downs for the design of this room, but here’s the overall feel we’re going for:


So far, only the walls have been painted and the new chandelier has been hung, but I’m already loving it. The wall color is Newbury Port Blue by Benjamin Moore, and in my opinion, it’s kind of the perfect navy.

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We’ll be using the bed like the one above from our previous home’s master bedroom and a hand-me down dresser. The darkness of the walls will be lightened up with cream-colored drapes, and I’ll also bring lighter shades of the blue to the floor with the rug.

More color will be added into the mix with the patterned pillows and the wall art. Finally, we’ll add a touch of shine with the new light fixture and a silver mirror above the dresser.

What do you think of the plan?

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