I’m all about necessary juxtaposition. Instead of consuming only a specific type of media, I think it’s important to dabble around-books, newspapers (both left and right), blogs and real conversations with people who are smarter than you’ll ever be.

But I’m also a fan of levity. I use Twitter as a way to stay informed about what’s happening at the hyperlocal and national levels, but also to glean some much-needed comedy from some of the smartest and funniest people I’ve never met.

I have several columns on my TweetDeck, a sort of list to make Twitter into something manageable. I follow @POTUS (for laughs?), and next to it, I’ve got my list simply called “comedy.” It’s a rolling stream of tweets from 428 users that make me laugh until I throw up.


Here it is:Twitter accounts that make me throw up laughing.

I thought it might be fun to pull some of my favorite recent tweets from the list and post them below. These tweets range from the absurd to the bawdy. You might recognize some of the names, but many of these people are seemingly regular folks who just happen to be funny.

I’d like to think I’m sort of funny, but these people are INCREDIBLY funny.

Who are your favorite Twitter users? Let me know. Click on these tweets if you can. They’re all worth a closer look.

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