The Southside’s Main Street Meats, owned by Erik Niel, gets a nod in the recent article. (Photo: Staff)

Business and finance website recently highlighted Chattanooga as one of the nation’s most underrated cities.

The article mentions Chattanooga’s popular outdoors scene, giving nods to the Tennessee River, mountains and attractions such as the Incline Railway.

It also mentions the Tennessee Riverpark, Walnut Street Bridge and Crabtree Farms.


Restaurants and bars also get some attention.

“One chef to keep an eye on is Erik Niel, the dynamo behindEasy Bistro & BarandMain Street Meats,” according to the article. “A native of Louisiana, his Southern roots come through strongly at Easy Bistro & Bar, which opened in 2005 and has been racking up well-deserved accolades ever since.”

St. John’s Restaurantand Matilda Midnight also get mentions.

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