A new report from personal finance social networkWalletHub.com ranked Chattanooga as one of the worst-run cities.

Chattanooga came in at No. 142 of 150.

“The cities that rank low obviously can’t roll their budget back, but they can probably spend it in a more efficient manner,” WalletHub analystJill Gonzalez said via email. “It’s important for these cities to start offering better services to residents by first locating areas that need improvement.”


WalletHub analysts looked at cities’ operational efficiency. They looked at how officials manage and spend public funds and compared the quality of residential services to the city’s total budget to see what they could learn.

The team got the “quality of services” score by looking at 33 key performance indicators that were grouped into six service categories. They measured that against the city’s per capita budget. Click here for more about the methodology.

Chattanooga ranked No. 94 in the quality of services category and 146 in total budget per capita.

“Chattanooga has the fifth-highest budget per capita analyzed, at over $10,000, but fails to offer good quality services, especially when it comes to safety,” Gonzalez also said. “The city has a high violent crime rate at almost 10 incidents per 1,000 residents and an even higher property crime rate at 59 incidents.”