Adding fresh flowers and new pillows easily gives your home a spring feel. (Photo: Jenna LaFevor)

When spring comes, I always feel the need to freshen up my home a little bit. Of course, opening the windows and letting fresh air in always helps, but if you want to up your home’s spring game a little bit more, here are a few ideas for doing just that.

Bring in some pops of color with pillows. I recently added new pillows in my living room, and they brought in the perfect amount of pattern and color. The ones you see on my chairs came from here.

Dress up your front door with a spring wreath. Buy one already put together or make one yourself. This brightly colored one is a DIY project that I hang every year.

Switch out your bedding for something lighter for the warmer weather. Add another touch of spring by going for something with a hint of color, like pretty pastels.

Fresh flowers
Spring is my favorite time for sprinkling flowers all around the house. There’s just something about a vase of fresh flowers that makes it feel more like home. Use this tutorial to add a special little touch to your vases, as well.

Don’t forget to pull out your Easter decorations! (Photo: Jenna LaFevor)

Easter décor
Easter is just around the corner. Don’t forget to pull out your Easter decorations. This glitter bunny art is another DIY project I did a few years back. You can find the tutorial for it here.

What do you do to spruce up your home for spring?

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