Northpoint Boulevard will be restriped with new crosswalks and shoulder space on both sides of the road. (Photo: Chattanooga Public Works)

The city is continuing its work on Northpoint Boulevard and will begin restriping the road soon.

The repairs will bring the road up to standards and increase safety along the route that connects Hixson Pike and Highway 153, according to a news release.

Upon completion, the road will include the same three lanes—two travel lanes and a center turning lane along the full length of the corridor.


The lane widths will be kept a consistent, standard width to maintain predictability, smooth traffic flow and improve safety for drivers, according to the news release.

Because the width of the existing roadway varies, the striping will include a shoulder that varies in width on the south side of the road. There will be a striped buffer in front of Home Depot and a narrower shoulder on the north side for a portion of the road.

In addition to the consistent widths for driving lanes, the added shoulders will provide space for pedestrians and transit users—especially at the existing bus stops—without changing original vehicle traffic flow along the corridor.

The project includes three new crosswalks to create safer pedestrian crossings.

In order to make these repairs, multiple businesses that owned parts of Northpoint Boulevard donated their portions to the city of Chattanooga. Although it is not standard practice for the city to accept donations of private roads, Northpoint had a series of road defects impacting travel for numerous Chattanoogans who use the road daily for work and to access businesses.

To keep maintaining Chattanooga’s roads, Mayor Andy Berke is proposing $5 million for paving and street improvements in this year’s budget, according to the news release. This is the largest budget for road improvements ever put into the proposal.

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