Sip Coffee + Kitchen, located at 14. W Kent St., will soon be a restaurant called Red Sauce. (Photo: Staff)

Sip Coffee + Kitchen, which was only open for a couple of months in North Chattanooga, will soon become another restaurant.

Restaurateurs Danny and Brittany Alcala, who own Cherokee Boulevard’s Embargo 62 and Ooltewah’s Ceniza Lounge, are going to turn the 14 W. Kent St. location into a new concept called Red Sauce. 

The restaurant will be all about meatballs and craft cocktails, and is slated to open next month.


While meatballs are the focus of this restaurant, “Italian with a Southern flair” is the concept.

Items ranging from calamari and meatball spaghetti to vegetarian meatballs and lasagna will be on the menu.

“Red Sauce takes a Brooklyn-meets-Philly-meets-Little Italy-meets-Chattanooga approach; how’s that for fusion?” Brittany Alcala said, according to a news release. 

The restaurant will have a ’50s vibe, and Brittany said she has the North Chattanooga neighborhood in mind.

“This is the North Shore’s bar and restaurant,” she said. “We are doing it for our neighbors who we love, and we hope they love us back.”

Red Sauce has hired all the employees who had been working at Sip.

Developer John Wise launched Sip Coffee + Kitchen after a couple of other restaurant concepts fell through. He owns the Kent Street space and knows the Alcalas because he’s their landlord at Embargo 62.

The Alcalas also have another project in the works. They are moving Embargo 62 about a block down and turning the original location into a new bar.

Wise is currently juggling several projects, including new apartments and the closure of The Jump Park, which is going to turn into a music venue.