Hive Theory. (Photo: Contributed)

It’s all about the small details for Chattanooga band Hive Theory. Composed of Courtney Holder, Ryan Hitt, Zach Turner and Jeff McSpadden, they fashion a blend of pop, funk and rock that speaks to their strengths in interpreting these communal sounds. They arrange and adapt their work to suggest that small events and experiences can and will produce tremendous ripples in our lives. Their mixture of sounds is often effortless but contains within it a drive and determined perspective. The band is currently gearing up to share their debut EP, “Root Beer Float,” and will be serving up an evening of music at JJ’s Bohemia Sept. 15 as a party for its release.

On their new song, “Root Beer Float,” the band blends smooth pop rhythms with just a hint of funk swagger; there is a bit of the blues as well, deep down in Holder’s vocals. Elastic guitar riffs and bouncing bass lines wind around each other as the song ambles along in a delirious spiral. From the clacking percussion as the track opens to the jazzlike cymbal use that comes into play later on, the song swings across a wide spectrum of sounds, branching out into different genres without breaking a sweat. The ebb and flow is only occasionally interrupted by the breathless howl of Holder and the band as they spin this mesmeric, groove-laden lattice for all to hear.


What impresses so much isn’t that they completely overhaul these sounds; rather, it’s how they build such a fascinating and affecting sound from bits and pieces that seem so familiar that sets them apart from their musical brethren. The band seems to have an innate understanding of the emotional and rhythmic connections that exist between these various strands of noise and tone. But they also don’t wallow in self-aggrandizement. The music possesses wit and a weightless quality, developing the kind of personality that a song called “Root Beer Float” seems absolutely capable of creating. And with their new record just around the corner, it’ll be exciting to hear how they expand upon this compelling sound.

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