GreenLight is offering a new program that will help women- and minority-owned businesses achieve B corporation certification. (Photo: Contributed)

GreenSpaces is aiming to help women and minority business owners achieve B corporation certification.

B corp certification is given through a nonprofit called B Lab that certifies that businesses are held to a high standard in regards to the environment, its workers and customers, community impact, and its governance over these areas.

The work will be done through the organization’s GreenLight program.


To start helping women and minority business owners, officials ask that interested businesses fill out a survey to help gauge where the business needs the most support. Then, GreenLight leaders will help the business meet the sustainability criteria set by B Lab.

“We realize that not every business will become a B corp,” GreenLight program coordinator Natalie Hostetler said in a prepared statement. “Our goal is to be companies’ Energy Star portfolio manager so they always know how they compare to other businesses based on sustainability points.”

GreenLight is one of seven organizations participating in a pilot program created by B Lab to help businesses achieve this certification. The program was recently able to help Whiteboard become the only current B corp company in Chattanooga.

Whiteboard co-founder Eric Brown said in a prepared statement:

We worked with GreenLight to help us codify our sustainability practices. We created an employee handbook to solidify our stance on sustainable and social accountability, as well as to touch on topics like team benefits and work–life balance. Becoming a certified B corporation also requires you to amend your incorporating documents, stating your commitment to sustainable and social standards.

While GreenLight officials intend to focus first on women- and minority-owned companies, any business is able to take the B Lab quick assessment that helps distinguish how the business stacks up to B Lab’s requirements.

Interested companies can contact Hostetler directly at [email protected] or 423-648-0963.