Area resident Sable Massingill has created a skin care product that has the chance to be sold nationwide. (Photo: Paula Harding)

Area native Sable Massingill is in the running to have a beauty product she co-created in stores nationwide.

“I knew there were certain ventures I wanted to take on,” she said. “I definitely wanted to work on the side of development and developing products and really being able to share my own stories, not just creating them in PR.”

The LaFayette, Georgia, native, who went to high school in Chattanooga, moved back here recently after working in New York City’s public relations scene and started working toward that goal.


She has kept in touch with NYC’s fashion and beauty industry, attending expos and finding inspiration.

She knew she wanted to develop natural products and work with/support other female entrepreneurs. When she found Volition, a platform for online collaboration, she felt like it was a perfect match.

Volition allows developers to submit product ideas. If Volition likes the product, they collaborate to develop a prototype, and then if that product gets enough support, they take it to national retailers.

Massingill is currently working to gain support online for her aloe vera-based product, called Straight from the Stem Spot Treatment.

“They are adamant about not trying to push items out that aren’t going to have a good success rate,” she said.

If the product surpasses 2,000 votes online, it will be sold nationally. Volition currently sells to QVC and Sephora, she said.

As of Sunday afternoon, Straight from the Stem still needs 1,927 votes and has 80 days left in the campaign.

The product
Massingill found inspiration for her product from her grandmother.

“[She] always had aloe vera plants,” Massingill said. “I’m fair and was always getting burned. She would just crack open a leaf and smear the aloe vera on me.”

But as an adult, Massingill realized that the aloe vera products she found in stores weren’t the same as her grandmother’s plants.

She did some research and found that some products don’t use pure aloe.

So with Volition’s help, she created a serum with the same natural texture, consistency and potency as the plants she grew up with.

“[With a serum], your skin is going to be soothed and moisturized,” she said. “It’s also light and breathable.”

Massingill said she thinks her product will benefit men and women of all ages.

She said the product can help balance skin out, keep it moisturized and help with unevenness, scarring or discoloration.

“If you think about how sturdy and hardy the plant is itself, and how it maintains its moisture—everything it does for itself, it does for you,” she said.

Click here for more information about the product or to vote for Straight from the Stem.

The next steps
It would be a “dream come true” to have her product sold nationally, she said.

She sees this as a building block for everything she wants to achieve.

She wants to make a positive impact in the industry. Many mainstream products create unrealistic images of women, she said.

Massingill dislikes phrases like “anti-aging” and wants to create natural products that will empower women, she said.

“I’m … super-excited about everything that’s happening with this,” she said. “I know that I’m going to keep pursuing this field because it’s so important. [The industry affects] women and the way they feel about themselves … That’s why I got involved in fashion. I think it’s so much deeper than people make it out to be.”

Updated @ 12:06 p.m. on 9/13/17 to correct the number of votes the campaign had.