Brandon Snipes and Alyssa Jewell of MRYGLD. (Photo: Contributed)

The roots of Birmingham, Alabama-based indie rock band MRYGLD (pronounced “marigold”) go all the way back to 2015 when a chance meeting between singer-guitarist Brandon Snipes (who previously played with Chattanooga band Raenbow Station) and guitarist Shane Jewell occurred at a music festival and revealed an immediate chemistry forged over shared musical tastes. After that meeting, they parted ways to focus on their respective bands but kept in touch. Snipes was then performing as B. Snipes, and Jewell was playing alongside his wife, Alyssa, in a duo called Crimson Cabins.

When 2017 rolled around, the Jewells and Snipes decided to combine their musical muscles and create MRYGLD. After enlisting bassist James McCauley and drummer Will Johnston, the lineup was set, and the band began working on the songs that would form the basis of their self-titled debut EP. Released in June, the six-song collection is filled with stadium-sized anthems and grand guitar riffs, bringing to mind the ecstatic pomp of Phoenix and the electronic movements of MGMT.

But since its release, the band hasn’t been resting on its laurels—they’ve been working on a new song called “Disco Soul” and an accompanying video directed by Casey Snipes with help from Lesley and Justin Watson. Similar in spirit to their other songs, it harnesses an electric pop-rock energy, mixing spry keyboard rhythms and fuzzed-up guitar lines with explosive melodies to create a song that appeals to the head, heart and legs. Likely to induce spontaneous and erratic movements, the track explores a buzzing dance floor perspective that sticks in your head for days.


The video, which follows two women engaging in some light slumber party antics, is a bright and cheerful partner to the churning indie rock theatrics on display. Popcorn is tossed and beds are jumped on as they lip-synch the song to one another. A big stuffed unicorn, feather boas and some righteous air guitar complete the pink-infused scene. Whimsical and lighthearted, the video will have you smiling from ear to ear while the music gets your body moving in time to the persuasive melody.

You can catch MRYGLD at JJ’s Bohemia Saturday night alongside The Dead Deads and Sound & Shape.

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