24-Hour Comics Day is scheduled for this weekend. (Photo: Alex Ogle)

Local creators will celebrate 24-Hour Comics Day this weekend by attempting to create a comic in just one day.

Alex Ogle‘s Comic Book Art Gallery and Studio in Chickamauga will host the event, which begins Saturday morning at 9 and continues until 9 a.m. Sunday.

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The comic creators will attempt to create a 24-page comic book story. Typically, a comic book takes months of work, but since 2004, the celebration has encouraged comic book fans and industry professionals to do it much faster. 

Participating creators include Ogle, Andy Duggan, Jason Flowers, Hoyt Silva, Shane Berryhill and Tara Hamilton.  

The gallery—located at 240 B Cove Road—will be open during the event. Local enthusiasts are encouraged to stop by and observe the process.

“It’s an exercise in minimalism,” Ogle said. “A typical comic book page is illustrated in 12-plus hours. The challenge forces you to draw only what is truly important to tell your story. I hope to see if I can make a comic that is readable and entertaining at an unusually fast pace.”