Bryan College is now offering its criminal justice program online. (Photo: New York Police Department, MGNOnline)

Bryan College has expanded its services to offer a criminal justice program online.

The program will be based on the framework of constitutional law and provide hands-on experiences with multiple law enforcement agencies from local to federal levels, according to a news release.

Students will learn the procedural, constitutional and organizational differences between the levels of law enforcement agencies through different scenarios and will be able to interact with law enforcement professionals on a daily basis.


Adjunct professor David Taylor said in a prepared statement:

Our program will provide core competencies that will prepare our students to enter the field confidently as well-prepared professionals seeking to make a difference within the field of criminal justice. As Christians, we can temper the law of the land with the law of Christ by providing mercy, grace and accountability.

Applications for the program are now being accepted for the spring semester.

For more information about the program, click here.