Alexis Willis was the master of ceremonies for Will This Float? last year at the Chattanooga Zoo. (Photo: Contributed)

Eight finalists have been picked to participate in The Company Lab’s Will This Float? business pitch competition.

The event is slated for Oct. 16 from 6 to 9 p.m. at River Place, which is located at 2 W. Aquarium Way. Admission is free, but click here to reserve a ticket.

Click here for more background about how the pitch competition works.


Below is a glimpse into each finalist.

—Flaming Monkey Flying Circus is a Chattanooga-based artist collective that creates interactive art installations and breaks from the traditional artist compensation model. The group will develop large-scale exhibitions in tourist-heavy areas and elsewhere, paying artists a percentage of ticket sales and exporting their creations and concepts to other cities. The pitch will be done by Raquel Mullins and Kevin Bate.

Infinite Closet is an on-demand storage service that gives urban residents access to their personal belongings without having to maintain physical possession of them. For a monthly price, customers receive durable plastic storage containers, unlimited pickup and delivery service, and storage space in a secure, climate-controlled environment.  Kevin Cherrick will present the pitch.

InfinityCo. LLC is the creator of Interactive Intellectual Room Assistance, a guest room software for the hospitality industry that allows customers to use their phones to control a room’s environment. Guests at hotels and other participating sites can use the platform to adjust the lighting and temperature of their rooms, unlock doors and more. JaQuar McMickle will be the presenter.

—Please Assist Me is a tech-based platform that allows customers to outsource their weekly household chores to a team of professionals. The service offers a comprehensive solution to people with busy lifestyles, managing groceries, laundry, dry cleaning, mail, housecleaning and more. Stephanie Cummings will give the presentation.

—Swayy is a design and manufacturing company that produces fully insulated hammocks. The company aims to minimize the gear used in overnight camping while also providing comfort for a variety of seasons. Seth Hill will present the pitch.

—The House is a “What’s going on tonight?” app for restaurants and bars. The platform showcases daily happenings and exclusive offers at happy hours, specials, events, live music and more. Matt Patterson will give the pitch.

—Tryall is a web and mobile platform that allows users to test subscription-based products without the typical stresses of free trials. The platform helps users find and easily manage free trial subscriptions, receive personalized recommendations for other free trials and track expiration dates to avoid incurring charges for products and services the user does not want to purchase. Jason Oteng-Nyame will present the pitch.

—Woorly is a social customer relationship management mobile app that connects the smallest of businesses with their existing customers while helping them find new ones. The platform also enables customers to quickly find service providers and rewards them for sharing their experiences. The presenter will be Aaron Welch.